Suggested Quarantine Book List For All Ages

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Quarantine Book List

During this Work From Home, Stay at Home Quarantine Period we have curated a list of books for all ages. Please comment if you have any other suggestions.

Quarantine Book List

Suggested Reading / Activity Books

Kids: PreK to 3rd or 4th Grades
Parables Coloring Book $6.99
The Sermon Coloring Book $6.99
Our Coptic Church Coloring Book $6.99
Miracles Coloring Book $6.99
Children English Liturgy Book $6.99
Children English Agpeya $6.99
Stories of Saints Bundle (8 Books) $24.99
  • Each separately
Our Heavenly Friends (activity book) $36.00
Kids: 2nd to 6th Grades
Philo and the SuperHolies (Series)

  • Print/Paperback
$9.99 each
Philo and the SuperHolies (Kindle) $2.99
Philo and the Faithfulness SuperHoly $2.99
Philo and the Patience SuperHoly $2.99
Philo, Rose, and the Joy SuperHoly $2.99
The Egyptian Martyr Saint Mina the Wonder Worker (Kindle) $3.00
Saint Bishoy (Kindle) $2.50
Saint Mark (Kindle) $3.00
Saint Mary of Egypt (Kindle) $1.50
Saint Marina the Great Martyr (Kindle) $3.00
Saint Roweiss (Kindle) $2.50
Pope Cyril VI (Kindle) $3.00
Junior HS and High School
Book Print Kindle
The Sayings of the Holy Desert Fathers n/a $0.99
St Anthony: A Biblical Ascetic $15.21 $4.00
The Forgotten Desert Mothers: 

Sayings, Lives, and Stories of Early Christian Women

$12.86 $8.37

Monastic Letters and Spiritual Teachings from the Desert

$19.99 $8.99
If You Love Me: Serving Christ and the Church in Spirit and Truth $17.95 $9.99
Respectable Sins $12.29 $10.99
College and Beyond
On the Unity of Christ $17.00 $0.99
On Marriage and Family Life $16.00 $9.99
History of the Coptic Orthodox People and the Church of Egypt $30.99 $4.99
Paradise of the Desert Fathers: Volumes 1 & 2 n/a $0.99
A Silent Patriarch: Life and Legacy (Pope Kyrillos VI) $28.00 $14.00
Letters to Servants by His Holiness Pope Kyrillos VI n/a $7.99
Putting Joy into Practice: 

Seven Ways to Lift Your Spirit from the Early Church

$12.37 $2.99
Scriptural Basis of the Divine Liturgy: 

Meditations on the Coptic Orthodox Liturgy of Saint Basil

$8.99 $3.99
The Fellowship of His Sufferings: 

Thoughts and Reflections on the Coptic Orthodox Holy Week

$12.40 $2.99
Incarnational Exodus $12.00 n/a
The Prodigal God



Making Sense of God



The Reason for God



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