COVID-19 Coronavirus Update

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Due to the current state of global pandemic, all non-liturgical services have been suspended in the Coptic Orthodox Archdiocese of North America and the Coptic Orthodox Diocese of NYNE until further notice. Please see the diocese statement below.

Coronavirus Helpful Tips

With updated information about the new corona virus (COVID 19) in New York changing day to day, it is important for us to take critical steps to do our part in helping to prevent the spread of this viral illness to those vulnerable populations in our community. There is no need for panic, but here are practical steps we can all take to do our part:
  1. If you, or anyone in your household is sick and not feeling well, then it is best that you get some rest and stay home. This includes anyone who has either a runny nose, or cough, or sore throat, or fever, or other cold and flu-like symptoms.
  2. We are all encouraged to wash hands thoroughly for 20 seconds with soap and water and / or clean with alcohol based solutions. This also includes refraining from touching hands to face, mouth, eyes, and nose.
  3. For communion, we have taken the additional steps of using the handkerchiefs only once per person and placing them in a laundry bin to be washed before next use. Currently, all handkerchiefs and hair coverings have been thoroughly washed and cleaned for our use this week, and we will continue to wash them after each use. If anyone wishes to use their own napkin or handkerchief, that is certainly acceptable as well.
  4. The high risk group for this virus are those who are elderly (especially over 60), those who have a weakened immune system, those who smoke or vape, and those who have chronic lung diseases. Those who are much more susceptible to this should consider staying home and avoiding public and crowded places for the next few weeks until this all subsides.
  5. For the younger and healthier individuals, COVID 19 can range from an undetectable carrier, to a mild cold to a severe illness, but overall, children and young adults tend to be less likely to have severe illness. Everyone should be concerned with preventing disease because of the potential to infect those who are in the more susceptible groups.
  6. Ultimately, God is our protector and defender against all evil, but we must do our best, and God will take care of the rest.

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